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Located in the European Side of Istanbul, Arnavutköy is a neighborhood where the residents enjoy high quality of living and highest levels of serenity

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Istanbul is a city which is considered as one of the most important and most attractive cities for real estate investors in Turkey. Arnavutkoy is a region in Istanbul that is highly regarded for its unique features. The most beautiful beaches of Istanbul are in the Arnavutköy neighborhood, which is a historic city located in European Istanbul. With more than 300,000 inhabitants, it is one of the most tourist-swathing areas in the capital. The neighborhood is located on the shores of the Black Sea and is renowned for its colorful and eye-catching homes. The Arnavutkoy region is full of listings and opportunities. This area is a home of various projects and designs. Modern architects were helping to bring you brand new projects. Community life, good quality homes, and a peaceful atmosphere make Arnavutkoy a good place to buy a property. Both the natural beauty and location advantage of Arnavutkoy attracts many investors every year. Below we examine real estate for sale in Arnavutköy Istanbul Europe.

property for sale in Arnavutköy
property for sale in Arnavutköy

property for sale in Arnavutköy

Arnavutköy is one of the most unique areas of Istanbul for living. Like many others, you may also want to immigrate and obtain Turkish residency. There are different ways to do this, such as obtaining a study visa, work visa, etc. In addition, Turkey is one of the countries that allows foreigners to obtain residency by buying a dwelling, so you need to know the conditions of housing in Turkey in any way you want to obtain a Turkish residence permit.

One of the most rapidly growing districts of Istanbul is Arnavutkoy. It is located very close to the new Istanbul airport. Not only the Arnavutkoy area but also all neighboring areas are developing day by day, due to new projects and thanks to the new Istanbul airport. This region has a commutable time distance to the center of the city and we have to say Arnavutkoy is ideal for residential living.

This region is one of the most beautiful areas of European Istanbul that has given great importance to home construction in the last few years. You can find any type of property for sale in Istanbul Europe you want in Arnavutköy.

Apartment for sale in Arnavutköy

Istanbul, the capital of the country, has long attracted the attention of investors and tourists and attracts large crowds. Buying a dwelling in the center of Istanbul may not be as easy as possible, but you can buy the apartment you need according to your circumstances by exploring areas such as Istanbul’s Arnavutköy neighborhood and such areas. Real estate investors are examining the most profitable options in the area these days. In 2020, Arnavutkoy apartments for sale gained great value and in this area, property prices continue to rise. Istanbul homes offer a smooth property purchasing process with the zero failure and best price guarantees. You can buy an apartment in Arnavutkoy without any disputes.

All the neighborhoods in this part of Istanbul are very beautiful and apartments for sale in European Istanbul are suitable options for buying and investing.

Apartment for sale in Arnavutköy
Villas for sale in Arnavutköy

Villas for sale in Arnavutköy

This region is located next to the famous neighborhood of Babak and the Bosphorus Strait. Due to its many natural attractions and tourism, this neighborhood always welcomes travelers from different regions in all seasons, and therefore, it is possible to access this place and people can easily reach this area. Villas in arnavutkoy for sale are one of the most profitable real estate investment instruments in Istanbul. Both international real estate investors and domestic know buying a villa in such a fast-growing region will be profitable so they don’t miss this opportunity and want to grab the chance.

 So the demand for villas and holiday homes in this region is high. There are many luxury and beautiful villas you can find in this region. Villas for sale in Istanbul Europe always have their applicants.

Advantages of investing in Arnavutköy

A foreign investor will be fascinated while touring around this small neighborhood overlooking the Black Sea and find another perspective of life. The rich history dates back to the centuries in which Arnavutkoy is a region of luxury apartments, profitable real estate investment and promising lands, Makes investors confident to invest in this region. This region has great immigrant potential due to its beautiful forest cover as well as the significant economic progress it has recently made. Below we will discuss a few features of living in Arnavutköy Istanbul Europe:

The area’s landmarks include the Caraborone coastline and Chile’s Tashluk Mosque. The beach of The Caraburon District, which is facing the Black Sea, has an eye-catching view and if you have high swimming skills, you can enjoy swimming on this beach. Even if you are not interested in swimming, you can benefit from seafood restaurants and local cuisine. The Tashluk Yishli Mosque is also one of the country’s four largest mosques, with more than five minarets.

Arnavutköy is known for being alive at night, and the colorful façade of buildings, in addition to the day, has a special effect at night. One of the most important things that anyone is advised is not to forget to take pictures of Ottoman palaces and colorful buildings and walk through the pleasant neighborhoods of the area. The region also has a pristine and beautiful nature that cannot be overlooked.

Istanbul’s Arnavutköy neighborhood is one of the developing regions of Istanbul and yet it also enjoys relatively good amenities and recreational facilities. The region has shopping malls, hospitals, hotels and public and private, schools, and good housing conditions for living or traveling. Of course, considering that investors’ attention has recently attracted to this region, it can be said that in the not too distant future we will see improvements in this region.

This region has good living conditions and has good amenities and you will be able to enjoy these services well. Medical facilities in this region include famous hospitals such as Avrupa Hospital and Arnavutkoy State Hospital. You can use the health care services of these centers. The region also has full educational facilities, including public, private and university schools, and has made it possible to study. The great university of this region is APEM – ARNAVUTKÖY POLİS MESLEK EĞİTİM MERKEZİ MÜDÜRLÜĞÜ, located in the Mehmet neighborhood.

The most important development in the Arnavutkoy area is the Istanbul canal project. In this project planned to connect the Black sea to the Sea of Marmara and so to the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. Through this project, the Arnavutkoy area will be affected positively. The Arnavutkoy area will take shape as an island when the project map is considered. So as the project is completed the Arnavotkoy area will be one of the most favorite locations in Istanbul.

The third Istanbul Bridge connects the Asian and European sides of Istanbul. It is the longest suspension bridge which is supported by railbird tracks in the world. It is crossing one million people every day and contributed to a record reduction in traffic congestion. This project attracted the attention of investors who are thinking about buying property in Istanbul near major vital projects.

Investment by buying a property in Arnavutkoy
Advantages of investing in Arnavutköy

Investment By Buying A Property In Arnavutkoy

Houses in this area are about 100 square meters and the average price of these houses is more than 2000 TL square meters. This means that with about 200,000 TL, you can get the house you need in this area. Of course, house prices are rising due to Arnavutkoy becoming an attractive location for investors.

Also, considering the projects that the government and construction brand companies have been preparing in this region, it is anticipated that this region will make significant progress and changes. According to all of the above, this neighborhood can be considered as one of the best options for investing in Turkey.  When the potential value increase in the upcoming years is considered it is so profitable to buy property for sale in Arnavutkoy. And as you know when the Istanbul canal project was completed it is surely beyond doubt that this will add great value to all properties in Arnavutkoy. It would be a favorite location in Istanbul as the project finished. For this reasons, many investors would like to buy one of the properties for sale in Arnavutkoy.

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Investment by buying a property in Arnavutkoy


Whether you want to make a dream house or buy a place for investment ther are many options in Arnavutkoy that you can consider. In addition, properties for sale in Arnavutkoy are some of the modern projects in Istanbul.

When you want a high-profit rental income in the future investing in Arnavutkoy can come in real handy.  If you want to make your investment plan come true Arnavutkoy region and its possibilities would help you. You can choose from investing in land and apartments.

To make advantage of being on the outstrike of Istanbul there are lots of opportunities in Arnavutkoy. For your plans, there is a peaceful environment and lots of free land. Arnavutkoy is one of the few places that has all kinds of projects in it, and investing in it can be a smart option and profitable one.

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