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One of the signs of economic growth and success of a country is the emergence of luxury homes with global standards. Penthouses are one of the limited types of luxury homes that have their own fans all over the world. Penthouses are therefore one of the most popular types of real estate among wealthy people in the world. Currently, quality of life is very important and it is better to know that one of the best property models around the world are penthouses. Lucrative business owners, people with high career ranks and many artists are interested in luxury homes because of their special lifestyle, so that their privacy is respected. On the other hand, in order to attract funds and invite these people to a city or country, designing attractive penthouses according to global standards can be an effective step. Below we will examine about penthouses in Turkey.
Penthouses for sale in turkey
Penthouses for sale in turkey

Penthouses for sale in turkey

Nowadays, the purchase of penthouses is become very common in Turkey and it is better to know that this type of property is one of the most popular properties in Turkey. buying penthouses in Turkey has many advantages, which has attracted a lot of people to buy this type of house in Turkey. In general, penthouses are located on the top floor of residential or office towers, and it is better to know that most of these houses are equipped with pools on terraces and roof gardens. Living in the penthouse comes with many beauty and benefits because the homes have a very beautiful and different views.

Features of penthouses

As mentioned above, penthouses have more features than houses in the towers, which makes them look more special and different. In the following, we have mentioned some of the characteristics of these houses for your loved ones:

        Luxury and speciality

        Relatively high price

        High area of penthouses

        Equipped with luxurious and different facilities

        High ceilings and fireproof

        Unique beauty

        Very high security

        Use of first-class and anti-earthquake materials

        Very beautiful View

        Glass Walls

Reasons to buy a penthouse in Turkey

Buying and living in penthouses in Turkey with many advantages and benefits, we have described a few of these advantages for you:

        Use unique features

        Immense relaxation in the penthouse

        Away from the crowds of cities

        Wonderful and beautiful landscape

        Facilities such as swimming pools, green spaces, private elevators, etc.

  Very easy access to places like hospitals, shopping malls and restaurants

Reasons To Buy A Penthouse In Turkey​
Best Areas Of Turkey To Buy A Penthouse​

Best areas of Turkey to buy a penthouse

Some people are interested in buying property in tourist cities, and others like to stay in industrial cities. Some people like to spend time in shopping malls and others in entertainment centers. So as mentioned above, you should first pay attention to your interests. Penthouses for sale in Turkey are found across the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.
Istanbul is one of the very good cities of Turkey, this beautiful and lovely city is in a very good place economically and tourism. Istanbul can be considered turkey’s most famous city because many people choose it for travel and immigration. Buying a variety of houses such as penthouses in Istanbul is very important. Bebek, Kucukcekmece, Bahcesehir, Besiktas and Esenyurt districts are one of the best areas to buy penthouses in Istanbul.
Antalya is one of the western cities of Turkey with a so-called Mediterranean climate. Antalya is a coastal city, attracting many travelers and immigrants. The beautiful nature of Antalya is very famous. The modernity of the city along with its beautiful and stunning nature as well as clear sea has led to the nickname of The Bride of Turkey to Antalya. Buying penthouse in Antalya would be really suitable investment.
Alanya is located a long way from the modern city of Antalya, approximately 130 km to the east, along the beautiful Mediterranean coastline, with a time spanning almost 2 hours. Alanya now has an airport much closer in the Gazipasa Gazpa district. It is leading to an increase in the number of tourists since its inauguration almost a decade ago, with a much shorter transfer time of 40 to 45 minutes. Since then this region has become more interested, not only in the number of tourists, but also in the real estate market. It’s real estate market face to immense and increasing demand for quality homes such as penthouses by overseas buyers who are now more interested in the region than ever before. This increased demand makes Alanya on the real estate map as an ideal area for property investment due to its pleasant climate and year-round accessibility.
Upon hearing the word “Yalova”, we think of that small town that has begun to compete with the major cities of Turkey and attracts investors in a variety of fields, Yalova Tourism and Yalova realestate. Turkey is surrounded by mountains and sea in terms of its beautiful nature and attractive. Yalova climate is considered due to the location between the Mediterranean sea and the Black Sea between the two mobile seas climate, and Yalova climate is the status of a continental climate with a varied airflow.
If you haven’t heard of Izmir before, you will definitely be familiar with this legendary and wonderful Turkish city. Located next to the Aegean Sea, Izmir is one of the most prominent locations of Turkey for real estate investment. Both local and foreign tourists have found that buying a property in Izmir, Turkey, is an incredibly smart move. With so many houses for sale, villas, apartments and penthouses this seaside city is the best place to invest in the whole of Turkey. You just have to visit the city to find out what makes this city so special. The city has deep ties to the ancient world and is full of abundant antiquities related to the past. It is also one of the best with great restaurants and shopping places. Izmir’s proximity to the sea makes it a great place to enjoy the sea for water sports fans or relax on beautiful beaches.

Type of penthouses for sale In Turkey available on Alkhiltr real estate

Alkhiltr real estate with a variety of luxury penthouses for sale in Turkey, it will satisfy you with any taste for penthouses with great and dreamy conditions. Just check the penthouses on our site and contact us as soon as possible to get practical advice on luxury penthouses for sale in Turkey.
Due to its recent economic growth, Turkey is a destination for many tourists from the Middle East as well as Europe. Its economic growth has led the local rich, as well as many foreign investors, to think about establishing a base for themselves in this climate-savvy country. Naturally, the rate of construction and buying and selling of penthouses in Turkey has also increased, and many designers and architects are thinking of providing specific examples in the field of penthouse design. So there are luxury penthouses for sale in Turkey with whatever possibilities come to your mind.

In any country, penthouses are among the best homes that people can live in. You should know that the design and architecture of the penthouse is usually so stylish and special that few people can go through them. There are also various penthouses in Turkey. You might think that all penthouses have high prices. But it’s not, and there are cheap penthouses in Turkey. Just contact Alkhiltr real estate experts to get more information.

Type Of Penthouses For Sale In Turkey Available On Alkhiltr Real Estate​
Penthouses For Sale In Turkey’s Price Rang​

Penthouses for sale in Turkey’s price rang

In general, there are many factors that can affect the purchase of penthouses in Turkey, factors affecting the price of penthouses in Turkey include:

        the number of bedrooms

        the area

        the year of construction

        the place where the penthouse is located

        the furnishing of the penthouse


As mentioned above, due to the speciality and differentity of these houses, most of the penthouses have a high price, but the features in these houses have attracted everyone to buy penthouses. The price of penthouses in Turkey generally hears from around €6,500.

How to buy a penthouse from us?

To view the list of penthouses visit our site that show you detailed descriptions of the interiors, features of the location and any social and shared places within the complex. For our latest offers and dedicated list you won’t find elsewhere Contact us today. Having luxury penthouses in Turkey is a rare experience for those looking for luxurious lives and we are here to help make this dream come true.

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Why Alkhailtr real estate?

Contact us for the best luxury penthouses for sale in Turkey. Whether you want to live like Donald Trump or enjoy maximum privacy like Bill Gates, penthouses for sale in Turkey are steeped in luxury features and are rare on the market. Our online real estate website with experts in the field of buying and selling property in Turkey, is waiting for you to give you the best property purchase experience by giving you the right solutions for buying penthouses in Turkey. just click on the Whatsapp icon and ask for free consultation now!

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