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In terms of geography, Bodrum is a western resort located in Turkey. It is culturally cosmopolitan too.  Bodrum is one of the most popular places for celebrities in summer. It is also one of the favorite places not only for Turkish people but also for foreign tourists. Bodrum attracts many nationalities looking for either a holiday home or an abode for permanent relocation to the country, among other select places on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.  In the four seasons of the year, it is considered a recreational place where you can live a vibrant life or an isolated and peaceful life. Bodrum, with luxury villas that have private pools close to the beach and stone houses with private gardens, is known as the paradise of the Mola region. Buying a villa in Bodrum will allow you to enjoy a vacation in the most beautiful part of Turkey. Villas in Bodrum offer unbeatable benefits and are the best choices for the metropolitan, and modern family.  Read more about villas for sale in Bodrum below.

Bodrum Villen zu verkaufen​
Bodrum Villen zu verkaufen​

Bodrum Villen zu verkaufen

Bodrum is located in the western corner of Mola and in the Aegean region of Turkey. It is located next to Milas, which is another beautiful place by the sea with different tones of blue in the east. The area is known as the Peninsula due to its sea cover from three sides, with an overall area of 689 square kilometers and 215 kilometers of coastline. For anyone looking to own a property in a prestigious Turkish city, a villa in Bodrum is a wonderful investment option. The city has incredible nightlife and the ancient site of Pharos is only a few miles away. Natural beauty is a remarkable subject in Bodrum. Alongside the beaches, there are beautiful restaurants, boutiques, and shops to explore. Walking near the best tones of blue sea with fresh air and warm people in a peaceful city awaits you.

A far more superior option to invest in Bodrum real estate than an apartment or flat, are villas for sale in Bodrum. The investors don’t miss the chance to grab the offer and that is why villas are always in demand. In addition to the private swimming pool in the villas, their distance to the private beaches is also just a walking distance. Owning a property in Bodrum means a sunny life, numerous beautiful beaches, tranquility, and energy throughout life.

Der Kauf einer Villa in Bodrum ist eine gute Investition

Turkey’s economy is growing which means now is the best time to buy real estate. If you decide to buy a house or look for Wohnungen zum Verkauf in Bodrum, you’re actually making a decision that will have a lot of positive consequences on your life. Currently, foreign and local investors look to Bodrum as a great place to thrive in the market of some important real estate. You have a great place to visit or live in a more solitary. You can choose a villa in Bodrum with a swimming pool, or you can opt for a larger garden, depending on what you want from your holiday. You will find a perfect villa in this popular holiday destination regardless of what you want.

You should consider the various advantages that purchasing a villa in Bodrum offers. It is a great investment opportunity first and foremost. The reason which makes Bodrum an ideal place to enjoy a vacation is 300 days of sunshine a year. You can also use the property as a rental property during the high season, aside from the benefits of living in a villa in Bodrum. It is a good investment decision for anyone who wants to enjoy the best of both worlds, as the tourist demand for rental property continues to increase. Below we will examine the reasons why investing in Bodrum villas is good:

Turkey ranks third in terms of the number of blue flag beaches, after Spain and Greece. The blue flag beach means a clean beach with clear and pure water. Bodrum has the largest share of these beaches in Turkey. That’s why the city gives you facilities that are even higher than the globally desirable level.

Im Gegensatz zu Spanien und Griechenland können Sie bei türkischen Immobilien aufgrund des Wechselkurses der Währung Immobilien zu einem niedrigeren Preis als ihrem tatsächlichen Wert kaufen. Aus diesem Grund haben diese Immobilien die Aufmerksamkeit ausländischer Investoren auf sich gezogen und es gibt unzählige ausländische Einwanderer, die Villen in Bodrum gekauft haben.

Kommerziell dauert der öffentliche Sommer in Bodrum 6 Monate. Im Sommer floriert die Bevölkerung, Sie können sehr hohe Mieteinnahmen erzielen, sodass Ihre Immobilie Ihnen ein angemessenes Einkommen bringt, auch wenn Sie nicht darin wohnen.

The summer months are not the only active ones in Bodrum and because of this reason Bodrum differs from other seaside resorts in Turkey. There is a local community living here for decades and people work, live, and reside in Bodrum throughout the year.

Bodrum ist eine der größten Städte der Türkei und wächst und entwickelt sich. Die Stadt ist bereit, in den kommenden Jahren zu einem der größten neuen Reiseziele zu werden. Auf diese Weise bringt jede Immobilie, die Sie in Bodrum kaufen, eine enorme Rendite für Ihre Investition. In den nächsten Jahren werden Touristen die schönen Strände von Bodrum verlangen und alle historisch erstaunlichen Touristenattraktionen der Stadt sehen.

Amazing infrastructure gets meaning with continued urbanization, growth, and development. Bodrum villas for sale are the perfect home for those who are looking for well-established residences and world-class infrastructures such as global airports, top hospitals, amazing privet international schools, and large shopping malls stocking all the best brands nearby.

Bodrum has all the infrastructure you would need from a home city and it is also known for its fabulous marinas and supplemented by tennis clubs and golf courses.

Depending on the condition you have kept for example your apartment for sale in Bodrum its value will rise or fall. Even after taking good care of a flat or apartment doesn’t increase its value most of the time. But no matter what villas are known to increase their value. Your Bodrum villa for sale will easily attract a buyer with a lucrative offer if you manage to get it in a respected area.

The villa is the right bet for you if having enough space is your sole sure to have more than enough space to even know what to do with them. You’ll have plenty of room for alteration if you wish to have a big family.

Der Kauf einer Villa in Bodrum ist eine gute Investition
Die besten Orte, um eine Villa in Bodrum zu kaufen

Die besten Orte, um eine Villa in Bodrum zu kaufen

Each neighborhood in Bodrum is unique and has its own features and capabilities. Alkhailtr real estate has options for sale in each neighborhood, so you can choose the property that appeals most to you. Here are some of Bodrum’s best neighborhoods:

Gumusluk is a quiet area that retains some of its old-world charms and is cheaper than some other areas of Bodrum. Gumusluk is one of the most sought-after places to buy property in Bodrum in general. Gumuslak offers villas in Bodrum for those who are seeking to live in their own space. The residents have easy access to the beach and maintains.

If you want to be part of the excitement you need to be in the middle of Bodrum Town. Bodrum is full of top restaurants, bars and eye-catching charms. This place is a safe and stylish place to buy property and if you want to find a place to rent a house, villa or apartment, you will not find a better place than Bodrum Town. And if you are living in Bodrum all year round with children, the central heart of Bodrum, the town center is where you want.  Although you are right in the middle of Bodrum, the prices are fair and there is a good choice for you. In addition, there is a marina and superb facilities such as international schools and shopping malls.

Gundogan is a beautiful little village located outside Bodrum. This region is preferred by people who like a quiet place, but also want access to the heart of the city. Gündogan is one of the most beautiful places in Bodrum and you will be able to find many large properties for yourself in this neighborhood. It is another popular area for buyers which has a bustling town center and beach. It has superb sea views from Bodrum villas at prices ranging from bargain gems to luxury mansions worth millions.

Turkbuku is a great place to socialize and interact with rich and well-known people. This lovely small area of Bodrum is a fantastic place to buy properties for rent. Guests will be amazed by the landscape and access to the beach. The inhabitants of this place spend their days in paradise. Turkbuku is the ideal place for you if you like style, class, and crave a beautiful home.

If you want to see a good return on your capital Yalikavak is definitely the perfect place to buy a property in Bodrum. Yalikavak is an attractive spot of the city for real estate and first-class properties are sold more quickly. Yalikavak is very popular because of its incredible location and beautiful landscapes. Anyone who loves boating or water games should consider buying a villa, house or apartment in Yalikavak.

Bodrum Villas For Sale On Alkhail Real Estate And Price Ranging

Thank you for leaving the time to read this article. An excellent investment for a long-term holiday is buying a villa in Bodrum. The city offers plenty of options for buying a villa in the area. Many villas and apartments in Bodrum can be purchased with a long-term lease. In addition, there are many festivals and social events which take a place throughout the year in Bodrum. As Bodrum is full of charm and opportunity buying a villa in Bodrum is a great place to invest.

Alle Alkail Unterkünfte verfügen über die neuesten und fortschrittlichsten Funktionen und Ideen, die die Launen ihrer Gäste befriedigen. Viele Villen verfügen über große Terrassen, auf denen Sie beim Entspannen oder beim Trinken Ihres Frühstückskaffees auf das schöne Meer blicken können. Die Villen verfügen außerdem über einen Swimmingpool, einen Garten sowie Picknick- und Grillplätze. Wie oben erwähnt, haben wir jede Art von Villa mit jedem Geschmack, den Sie in jeder gewünschten Gegend haben.

Jede Villa hat ihren eigenen Preis, abhängig von ihrer Ausstattung und der Nachbarschaft, in der sie sich befindet. Wir empfehlen daher, dass Sie uns den Betrag, den Sie für den Kauf einer Villa wünschen, und Ihren besonderen Geschmack mitteilen, damit wir Ihnen das beste Angebot unterbreiten können.
In unserem Portfolio erhalten Sie detaillierte Informationen über die Immobilien zum Verkauf in Bodrum, analysieren Sie den Kaufpreis des Hauses anhand Ihres Budgets und kontaktieren Sie uns für weitere Informationen und die neuesten Entwicklungen in der Stadt. So finden Sie mit Hilfe unserer Reseller-Vertreter ganz bestimmt Ihr Wunschhaus.

Bodrum Villen zu verkaufen​


Most villas for sale in Bodrum have striking views over the sea due to the evaluation. The houses in Bodrum may be no more than 2 stories high. Building regulation means if your Bodrum villa has a view it will stay that way.

Prices for three-bedroom villas with private pools in Bodrum in one of Bodrum’s main towns such as Bodrum town, Yalikavak, Turkbuku, or Gumusluk start at around 180000 Euros and range to several million for more exclusive properties with large plots nestled in their own privacy for those seeking complete exclusivity.

Yes. There are cheaper, Budget Bodrum villas available starting from around Euro 80000. These are generally part of a large cooperative complex with a shared pool, a shared garden, and children’s facilities. These are suitable for those who are in poorly managed and they have to be much more careful before investing in these Bodrum villas.

Badrum villas are easily rented in Turkey during the long summer season, and villa owners can make approximately 7% annual income from renting their villas. Not only Bodrum villas are attractive to foreign investors, but since the distance from Bodom to Istanbul is not much, local Turks also choose Bodrum villas to buy for leisure time. Also, as you know, the price of a property in Turkey should increase annually.

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