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Antalya Villen zu verkaufen

The capital of Antalya province is Antalya city which is the fifth most populous Turkish city. Among residents of European countries, Antalya become so popular today. In addition, tourists prefer not only to relax there but also to buy cozy houses or apartments near the sea.  Buying a property in Antalya is popular among home buyers and also investors from all around the world. Antalya is laying on the Mediterranean coast and is surrounded by beguiling beaches. It is Turkey’s biggest beach destination.  This is because Immobilien zum Verkauf in Antalya and the city itself boast amazing features barely found in other cities. For example, Antalya is one of those destinations where you can find sea-view villas for sale. The affordability of these properties, the unique style of architecture, and the perfect harmony with nature are other amazing features.

Antalya hat eine große Auswahl an Immobilien zu bieten. Jedoch, Wohnungen zum Verkauf in Antalya und Antalya Villen zum Verkauf sind unter anderen Immobilien attraktiver. Dieser Artikel hilft Ihnen, einen tieferen Einblick in die Villen in Antalya zu erhalten. Lesen Sie weiter, um mehr über die Stadt, das Wetter, Investitionen in Antalya, Villenpreise usw. zu erfahren.

Antalya Villen zu verkaufen​

Wie ist das Leben in Antalya?

Antalya is a popular Turkish restore city that is beyond doubt a heaven on earth in terms of nature, tourist attraction, and quality of life. As it is a paradise for those willing to own Antalya villas, visitors keep thronging the city throughout the year. In addition to being an incredible holiday and investment destination, Antalya is a popular city to live in. One of the reasons for such popularity is the perfect harmony of cosmopolitan living and the city’s natural beauty. Besides, its mild weather (Mediterranean climate) is what appeals to many people. In addition, this incredible city offers a number of shopping malls and entertainment venues for the people to enjoy. If you choose Antalya to live in, there will be a lot of things to do and to see.

Hier sind einige andere Dinge, die das Leben in Antalya attraktiver machen:

  • 300days of sunshine
  • Beliebte Ferienorte
  • Natürliche Schönheit
  • Unberührte Strände
  • Elegante Eigenschaften
  • Sommeraktivitäten
  • Einzigartige Lebensstile

Warum investieren Menschen in Antalya?

A large number of those who want to invest in Turkey choose villas for sale in Antalya as their investment destination. This is simply because of the city’s unique features and also the incredible benefits it offers. In other words, investors choose Antalya because of the value that investing in Antalya adds to their lives. Investing in Antalya villas will prove to be value for money as compared to other costal areas in Turkey.

Diejenigen, die sich für eine Investition in Immobilien in Antalya entscheiden, genießen die folgenden Vorteile:

(short-term rental return 10% and long-term rental return 6% on a yearly basis) buying villas in Antalya Turkey will make you good rental prospects in the future.

To own a residential property, Antalya is one of the cheapest destinations in Turkey

There is an easy process to gain ownership of your property and freehold title deed.

The number one tourist destination and major tourist destination in Turkey is Antalya. It is a major hub for real estate investors and a famous city in every sector.

There is a sizable community of ex-pats who can live in Antalya villas as citizens.

Mediterranean summer and rainy winter make a suitable climate in Antalya

One of the best beaches in Turkey is Konyalti beach in Antalya. The areas surrounding Antalya city are Old town, Kepez, Lara, Murat Pasa, Konyalti, Kemer Belek, Side, Alanya, Kas, and Kallan. All of them are ideal places to buy villas for sale in Antalya.

Antalya holds a rich historical and cultural background. It is ruled by the powerful Roman, Selcuk, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires one after the other.

There is quick transportation and easy access to local facilities, the city center, and the airport.

By buying property worth USD 250000 or more you can get Turkish citizenship.

Antalya Villen zu verkaufen​

Warum sollten Sie eine Villa in Antalya kaufen?

Es gibt viele Gründe, warum Sie eine Villa in Antalya kaufen sollten. Einer davon ist die Tatsache, dass Sie in Antalya eine große Auswahl an Villen zu kaufen haben. Noch wichtiger ist, dass sich diese Villen in Bezug auf Preis und Typ unterscheiden. Das bedeutet, dass Sie in Antalya ganz einfach Luxusvillen zum Verkauf kaufen können. Es gibt jedoch auch günstige Villen zum Verkauf in Antalya zu kaufen.


In terms of type, your villa can be a typical villa in Antalya. On the other hand, you also have the chance to buy sea-view villas for sale in Antalya.

The detected residential building is the name of the villa in Turkey. Villas in a gated community are offered more. This is a great convenient housing option. Because this option includes managing and maintaining the complex, personal guards, janitors, gardeners, storekeepers, pool cleaning, and responsible for the infrastructure of the entire complex as a whole. The infrastructures are gyms, saunas, hammams, winter pools, cafes, and much more. These are not included in the villa’s price and are paid for separately.

It is better to opt for separate housing with its own residential complex if you love to be in solitude. These villas include all the same services and entertainment but the owner of the villa has to pay for them. So you pay more for this option. Thus to choose an Antalya villa you have to pay attention to both aesthetic preferences and desires and financial capabilities.

Villenpreise in Antalya

Die Villenpreise in Antalya können zwischen $80.000 für angenehme Villen und $19.000.000 für einzigartige Villen liegen. Die Preise hängen von den Eigenschaften der Villa, den Annehmlichkeiten, der Lage und auch der Aussicht ab. Zum Beispiel können Sie eine komplett eingerichtete 3BR-Villa für nur $120.000 finden. Der Preis für eine 3BR Meerblick-Villa in einer begehrten Gegend liegt bei etwa $320.000. Der Preis wird höher, wenn die Funktionen besser werden!

What affects the price of a villa in Antalya?

As you know, there are a variety of reasons that affect villa prices in Antalya, some of which we will discuss below.

It may be very hard to find villas for sale in Antalya that are by the sea. There are grandchildren of villas in Antalya but have a very high price.

The type of plot of land is also very effective in its price. Small land by the sea with a small villa in it, has a much higher price than the villa and larger land away from the beach.

In addition to the proximity to the sea size of the plot, the area, and the number of stories could affect the price.


Vorteile des Kaufs einer Villa Antalya von Alkhail Real Estate

Thank you for spending time reading this article. Investing in Antalya villas would be so profitable. The investors get a year-round vacation in one of the most prestigious resorts in addition to affordable prices and buy a property in Antalya.

Buying Antalya villas for sale can be a time-consuming task if you want to do it by yourself. This is why you need an experienced real estate company to save your time and help you buy property in Turkey. Here are what make Alkhail Immobilien unverwechselbar:

  • 100% KOSTENLOSE Beratung
  • KEINE Provision
  • Einfache Raten
  • SCHNELLE Buchung
  • Schnelle Antwort

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Yes, foreigners also can buy all kinds of real estate in Antalya. These houses include apartments, villas, holiday homes and so on.

Villen zum Verkauf in Lara Beach in Antalya sind perfekt für diejenigen, die Villen mit Meerblick suchen. Villen zum Verkauf in Antalya Konyaalti und Villen zum Verkauf in Antalya Kemer sind auch die Wahl von Luxusliebhabern am Wasser. Wenn Sie nach günstigen Villen zum Verkauf in Antalya suchen, können Sie Ihre Villa in Kepez auswählen.

Der durchschnittliche Hauspreis in der Türkei beträgt etwa $455 pro Quadratmeter der Immobilie.

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