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Der Lifestyle am Wasser sowie eine Reihe von erstklassigen Annehmlichkeiten machen Beşiktaş zu einem perfekten Viertel auf der europäischen Seite von Istanbul

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Istanbul is Turkey’s most important, largest, most populous and touristic city. The area of Istanbul Turkey is about 5,000 square kilometers and there are hundreds of different neighborhoods in this big and historic city. Obviously, the importance of all these neighborhoods is not equal, and different characteristics play a role in differentiating them with each other. Besiktas district of Istanbul, which is one of the oldest areas of the city and is located on the European side of the Strait of the Basphorus, is popular among residents and tourists of Istanbul. Below we want to explore properties, apartments and villas for sale in Besiktas.

Property for sale in Besiktas
Property for sale in Besiktas

Property for sale in Besiktas

Besiktas is neighboring Sarir and Sisli districts in the north, Kait Hane in the west and the Bassefest in the east. Besiktas Istanbul is a common point for all the rich from all over the world, where they live a royal life. Besiktas should undoubtedly be considered one of the most fashionable areas of Istanbul to buy property. Where all its inhabitants are made up of high-level, wealthy people and famous singers to well-known industrialists from all different communities around the world. Properties for sale in European Istanbul are good option to invest, but Besiktas is a royal place.

Apartment for sale in Besiktas

In the past till now, this region has a tangible advantage over other areas of Istanbul and has made it very easy for the wealthy to choose the right location. There are many types of apartments with any luxury facilities that you want in this region. Apartments in this region are new and built with the latest world standard methods. Wohnungen zum Verkauf im europäischen Istanbul have always attracted the attention of investors. But the Besiktas region is considered a luxury area.

Apartment for sale in Besiktas
Villa for sale in Besiktas

Villa for sale in Besiktas

Besiktas welcomes an audience who loves luxury with open arms and offers all the conditions of a fun and luxurious life in a variety of ways. And in recent years, it has been very successful and has led many people around the world to prepare themselves to buy villas in this luxury area of Istanbul. Besiktas villas with sea views are among the most luxurious villas in Turkey. The villas are very stylish and built with different architectural styles. If you are looking to buy Villen zum Verkauf im europäischen Istanbul, you should know that Besiktas villas are among the most expensive villas in this part.

Advantages of investing in Besiktas

Besiktas is one of the best areas of Istanbul city according to the explanations we have mentioned from the beginning. With a special stratum in it is required to give all social and social facilities to its residents and has been quite successful in these matters. Below are some of these features to check out:

Following the business and tourism goals in Istanbul, the growth policies of business centers and the construction of 5-star hotels in this region were strengthened.

Recreational and touristic places on the shores of the Besffer have become centrally located bases for sightseeing in the area.

Consulates of Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Denmark and . . . It also gives Besiktas political credibility and importance.

There is Turkey’s oldest sports club in Besiktas. And Inunu Stadium, People living in the area have a special prejudice over this part, it is one of the oldest sports stadiums in which most world and national football tournaments are held.

Besiktas is a region in downtown Istanbul and has many advantages in the field of transportation. It’s perfect in terms of access to major highways.  And there is a subway too.

There are many spectacular attractions in this region, some of which we name below:

  • Dolmeh Bahce Palace: This palace is one of the best tourist places in the region
  • Ortaköy Mosque: It is the Sultan Abdel-Magied Mosque, built in 1854.
  • Naval Museum: It was built in 1897 in a small building.
  • Cheraghan Palace: This palace is one of the busiest places in the area that attracts many tourists.
  • Besiktas Local Market: Besiktas Local Market is located near the Naval Museum, where traditional restaurants have original dishes
  • Yildiz Park: The park is part of the Royal Garden, which is located between the Palace of The Lights and Yildiz palace, which is full of flowers and plants.
Advantages of investing in Besiktas
Advantages of investing in Besiktas

Why buying Besiktas real estate from Alkhailtr?

Turkish Alkhailtr Real Estate Consultants is ready to provide advice services by phone via WhatsApp to your loved ones. Before you are in Turkey, you can get special pictures and information of the units, so that in the shortest time after your presence in Turkey you can visit the best properties in Besiktas and buy. Note that you will not pay any fees before coming to Turkey and you pay only when you sign a contract in Turkey. Be sure to contact us at WhatsApp.

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