Wie wird man als Pakistaner türkischer Staatsbürger?

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Wie wird man als Pakistaner türkischer Staatsbürger?

There are many reasons that make Turkey a good place to live and many people believe that Turkey is a wonderful place for immigration and citizenship. Pakistan and Turkey are supporting each other on numerous platforms. The state of Turkey has excellent friendship and business ties and getting Turkish citizenship is very beneficial. Pakistani citizens would enjoy dual nationality and various unique benefits like good health services, free education, and fundamental rights as a Turkish citizen. Below we check how to become a Turkish citizen as a Pakistani.

Easy way to become a Turkish citizen as Pakistani

Getting Turkish citizenship has advantages and disadvantages. It depends on you. we suggest you alles wissen, bevor Sie in der Türkei leben. There are different ways to get Turkish citizenship, some of which we mention below:

  • By way of investment in Turkey, you can get Turkish citizenship, which itself has several ways.
  • By marriage
  • By birth
  • By Employment
  • By way of Naturalization
  • By applying for special merit
  • By applying for a permanent residence permit
  • By applying for a permanent residence permit

Each of these visas has its own qualifications and qualifications. You can apply for a Turkish e-visa by visiting the Turkish Ministry for Foreign Affairs website or visit the Turkish embassy present in your country.

Wie wird man als Pakistaner türkischer Staatsbürger?

Getting Turkish nationality by investment from Pakistan

The easiest and fastest method to get Turkish citizenship for Pakistani is investing a property. Yes, you can get Turkish citizenship by investing in this country. Below we review how to invest in Turkey to get citizenship:

  • Purchase property having 250000 dollar value

Wie du weißt, the range of property prices in Turkey varies greatly and depends on many factors. You can get Turkish citizenship by buying a house worth $250,000 in Turkey, as well as your spouse and children under the age of 18 also get Turkish citizenship. But this house is not allowed to sell for up to 3 years. The important thing is to be sure to know everything before buying a house in Turkey as a foreigner.

  • Deposit in Turkish bank amount of 500000 dollar value
  • Buy Turkish national securities worth 500000 dollar value
  • Buy government bonds worth 500000 dollar value to preserve for three years
  • Start a business worth 500000 dollar value or provide 50 jobs for Turkish people
Wie wird man als Pakistaner türkischer Staatsbürger?

Stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment as Pakistani

As everyone in the world knows Turkey has great cities and landmarks to visit and many tourists travel to Turkey every year. Some of these tourists are encouraged to invest in Turkey by checking the facilities available in Turkey. They also receive Turkish citizenship after investing in Turkey. The steps to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment as a Pakistani are examined below:

  • Complete program requirements (open bank account, get taxpayer number)
  • Gather important documents such as questionnarie, passport copy, state fee confirmation, photos, clearance certification from police, Notarized permit for application processing of applicant data, proof of investment, conformity certificates.
  • Obtaining short term resident permit (easily issued due to objective of citizenship)
  • Applying for process of Turkish citizenship at its registered office or at embassy board (analysis and verification by the ministry of internal affairs and getting citizenship approval by the president)
  • Obtaining your Turkish passport by going to Turkey or getting lawyer to receive your documents.
Wie wird man als Pakistaner türkischer Staatsbürger?

What are the requirements for Turkish citizenship for a Pakistani?

The people who want to benefit from the Turkish citizenship program have equal conditions. Requirements for Pakistani investors who want to get citizenship in Turkey:

  • Being of age
  • Ability to act in accordance with the law
  • Complying with national security rules
  • Not to have behaviors and habits country to the social order

Buying a property and getting Turkish citizenship does not include any prerequisites and you can easily become a Turkish citizen by buying a property. There are many Orte, an denen Expats gerne in der Türkei leben and there are different cities with different but standard living conditions in Turkey and this depends on your circumstances what kind of lifestyle you have. Below is a feature of some Turkish cities to live in:

Wie wird man als Pakistaner türkischer Staatsbürger?

Advantages of Turkish citizen for Pakistanis

There are Vor- und Nachteile der türkischen Staatsbürgerschaft so you have to search carefully about it.But becoming a Turkish citizen is beneficial for Pakistanis in many ways, such as:

  • Strong economy
  • Wide local and regional market because of a strategic location
  • Rapid and easy citizenship procedures
  • Potential of return on investment
  • Nr residence permit requirement
  • Opportunity to take advantage of the E-2 investor visa agreement between Turkey and the USA
  • Quality and standard living conditions
  • No language and any testing phases
  • Visa-free travel to more than 115 countries due to a strong Turkish passport
Wie wird man als Pakistaner türkischer Staatsbürger?

Additional 8 benefits of real estate investment for Pakistanis

Pakistanis who have been granted Turkish citizenship as their second citizenship by investment also benefit from the other 8 benefits listed below.

  • Risk-free and valuable
  • Budget-friendly
  • The easy and rapid investment program
  • Turkey citizenship for the whole family
  • Provides lifetime rental income
  • No residence permit prerequisite
  • Ease of online transactions and professional consultancy service
  • Having spectacular Turkish property
Wie wird man als Pakistaner türkischer Staatsbürger?

Wie wird man als Pakistaner türkischer Staatsbürger?

Thank you for accompanying us until the end of this article. In this article, we examined the obtaining of Turkish citizenship for Pakistanis. As we said in previous articles, there are many reasons that many migrants have gone to Turkey in recent years, and perhaps the most important of them is the low cost of living in Turkey according to the facilities it offers.

Pakistan has investment program agreements with 19 countries for its citizens. Pakistanis seeking Turkish citizenship often do so by buying a property. Alkail‘s representative in Turkey is ready to serve you dear Pakistanis to buy property. You can get in touch with our experts via WhatsApp.

Wie wird man als Pakistaner türkischer Staatsbürger?

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