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Today, due to the significant expansion of investment in Turkey, the applicant for buying commercial property in Turkey has increased. After Turkey became the gateway east and west, hence attracting smart investment and economic trade from east and west. If you are looking for a great place to start your career, Turkey will be your best option. As the Turkish economy grew, opportunities for investment in the country’s vast commercial properties and independents arose. Commercial properties for sale in Turkey are an opportunity to join the growing number of investors looking for an opportunity to move their capital to a safe and promising economy, as well as those looking for established companies and the opportunity to manage their businesses in Turkey. We will discuss commercial property in Turkey below.
Commercial property for sale in Turkey
Commercial property for sale in Turkey

Types of Commercial property for sale in Turkey

The arrival of foreign capital into Turkey has become a significant sign of increased business confidence in Turkey’s future economy. Government facilities and exemptions for the real estate sector have encouraged the commercial sector and an influx of investors looking for shops and stores for sale in Turkey. In Turkey, you can find the best option to buy an office or any commercial property to start your own business by rent it out to other people or even through resale that, it will bring you profitable returns. Types of commercial property for sale in Turkey will noted below:

Shops for sale in Turkey

If you are looking for stores for sale in Turkey, it is good that the store is close or accessible to the main roads of the city, especially in major cities such as Istanbul, where traffic transportation is more difficult. The store or shop must be near industrial or commercial areas to increase investment opportunities. For security reasons, we recommend making sure that ventilation, risk management and fire containment services are provided. Ensuring safety in stores and shops and ensuring daytime security with surveillance cameras is very important and is one of the basic principles for getting started in your new store.
Shops For Sale In Turkey​
Hotels For Sale In Turkey​

Hotels for sale in Turkey

Turkey is also one of the preferred options for foreign immigrants and foreigners who want to immigrate to Turkey with their family throughout the year, so hotels in Turkey are widely available in different styles, types and categories, and millions of foreigners and Turks visit them every year. When searching for a hotel for sale, it is recommended to choose a modern building, rooms and suites, close to historical scenery, or sandy beaches and local amenities of the city, but if the hotel has a great history of attracting thousands of tourists and guests over the years, surely your deal will be a success.

Buildings for sale in Turkey

The large partnership of investors to set up their businesses in Turkey has made investing in buying commercial complexes and buildings a profitable option for renting and selling shops, offices and stores. When buying buildings in Turkey for investment, it is not recommended to focus on popular areas at expensive prices in the city, but it is recommended to go to investment and developed areas.
Buildings For Sale In Turkey​
Buildings For Sale In Turkey​

Why should you invest in buying commercial property in Turkey

For the following reasons, buying commercial real estate in Turkey is recommended:

Investing in commercial real estate brings you great benefits. It is one of the fastest investment types in Europe. Turkey’s economy is closely linked to the economies of Germany, France and Italy. When we see the last decade, commercial property for sale in Turkey provides an annual return of 5-7percent. It’s not just enough growth that shows there are no barriers but it expresses sufficient returns.
More than half of Turkey’s population is under 32 and the workforce is young and vibrant, which is the youngest workforce in all of Europe. This is a demographic advantage given the fact that in a decade, most of Europe’s population will be over 50 years old. Turkey is set to become an economic powerhouse because of its youth, suggesting that investing here seems the right thing to do.
The Turkish government has always announced favorable trade policies. Overseas investors believe Turkey will continue to be a high-growth region because of its trade partnership with the EU and Russia. Investment policies are convenient and it is very easy to buy real estate in Turkey. The country provides work visas on easy terms.

Best places to buy commercial offices for sale in Turkey

We recommend that you consider some elements of quality when choosing a commercial property in Turkey:

● The office should be close to the main roads of the city, especially in metropolises such as Istanbul.
● The office or store should be close to transportation such as metro lines and public transportation near the city center.
● The office should be comfortable and luxurious for those who want to work in an ideal, pressure-free environment and raise performance levels.
● We recommend that the commercial office area be equipped with a luxurious hotel that provides accommodation for guests and customers, Luxurious rooms for special meetings and excellent economic services, especially if it is the nature of global trade.
● The workplace should have an indoor and outdoor car parking area.
● The office should have windows opened to improve ventilation in all rooms.
● The ATM should preferably be near the office.
● The commercial office building must have a fiber optic infrastructure.
● Modern elevators should be available in commercial complexes and periodically must be maintained.
● Central heating services, central air conditioning is of great importance in commercial offices.
● Provide a security system for guarding

There are so many commercial properties with these features in Istanbul, Antalya, Analya and so on. Just contact Alkhiltr real estate to give you a practical advice then start your business in Turkey with comfortable imagination.

Price Range Of Offices For Sale In Turkey​

Price range of offices for sale in Turkey

Turkey has different cities and regions that affect property prices. Of course, the following options also have a direct impact on their price:

● the location of the shop
● the streetside
● the unsubsience of the shop
● the shops inside the malls
● shopping malls
● the cost of bills in Turkey
● the monthly income or charge in Turkey

Şişli, Beyoğlu, Beşiktaş three regions of Istanbul

These three regions of Istanbul are among the busiest and most commercial areas of Istanbul. The prices of buying house and shops in Istanbul in these areas are slightly high due to their high markets and commerciality and are among the most expensive neighborhoods in Istanbul. For example, the price of 20 meters shop in these areas is about 700,000 TL and the position of the shop is in Main Street.
Şişli, Beyoğlu, Beşiktaş Three Regions Of Istanbul​

Buy commercial buildings from Alkhiltr real estate

It is essential that if you are looking for commercial properties for sale in Turkey, you need to have a suitable business advisor. Alkhailtr real estate has provided impeccable services to thousands of foreign businessmen over the past years. The company will be able to provide a complete service that easily shows the possibility of finding the right property and buying it on proprietary terms. With experience in real estate, the client does not face any obstacles. Working with Alkhailtr real estate means accessing real estate projects across the country without resorting to brokers and subcontractors. With a fair and transparent brokerage, we always offer our customers the best possible value.

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