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The biggest province in the Mediterranean district is Antalya and consists of several areas. Antalya is the capital city and the other areas are, Alanya, Kemer, Belek, Kumluca, Aksu, Kas, Kalkan, Serik, and Finike. Its alluring and long sandy coastline are famous around the world and Antalya hosts plenty of historical sightseeing. Antalya turn into a popular tourist zone in turkey due to its savory warm typical Mediterranean climate.

The area benefits from a continuously powerful tourism industry and Turkish governments have been giving advantages to the tourism industry, so both of them make a dynamic and financially promising economy. Thus, a Paradise for tourists would be Antalya. In addition, many investors consider the area a profitable destination to invest in properties such as apartments. This article is an effort to put light on Antalya apartments for sale, the advantages of buying apartments in Antalya, the prices, and where to buy in Antalya.


Apartments For Sale In Antalya

Are purchased by home buyers and investors from different parts of the world.  The hub of the Mediterranean area in Turkey is Antalya. For decades having an apartment in Antalya was a dream for several nationalities such as Iranian, Russian, Arabs, and the majority of North Europe. This is because properties for sale in Antalya and the city itself offer features that distinguish them from the other ones. For instance, Antalya offers stunning sea-view apartments that are unlike any other. Besides, these properties boast a special architectural design that is perfectly combined with the beauty of the nature. On top of all, apartments in Antalya are more affordable in comparison to those of other cities in the world! Among Antalya’s properties, apartments for sale in Antalya and فلل للبيع في انطاليا are highly popular.

Why Antalya is a popular place to buy apartments?

There are several reasons that prove the popularity of this region. Below we will discuss some reasons of why Antalya is popular for buying an apartment:

First of all, Antalya would not have been a favorite place among expatriates, if the people of Antalya hadn’t been friendly.

Secondly, Antalya attracts many tourists such as Europeans who don’t want to be trapped in harsh freezing European weather to enjoy the warm and pleasant climate and virgin nature.

Third, thanks to the successful tourism industry which helps to emerge a strong economic system, Antalya would be a vigorous place.

Forth, top suburb facilities are provided by Antalya such as healthcare centers, public and private hospitals, shopping centers, and easy accessibility to the international airport of Antalya. Antalya international airport is located 10 km away from the Northeast of downtown. Other neighboring cities are available within a short driving distance.

Fifth, the cost of living is another decisive reason to buy apartments in Antalya. The cost of living in Antalya is lower than in other European countries.

Sixth, the value of an apartment in Antalya is significantly more reasonable than in other developed European countries which provide the same facilities.

Seventh, through friendship investment Turkish government policies such as opportunities to buy apartments by taking low-interest bank loans or installment payments, buying an apartment in Antalya is a profitable investment.

Through the ownership program, you can obtain residency permission and Turkish citizenship by buying an apartment in Antalya. That is the golden part of this process. Finally, by getting a Turkish passport, you can easily travel to 39 countries.

Advantages Of Buying Apartment In Antalya

يمكن أن يكون غرضك من شراء شقة في أنطاليا هو العيش في هذه المدينة أو الاستثمار فيها. يوفر لك أي من هذين الخيارين فوائد هائلة. فيما يلي بعض مزايا شراء منزل في أنطاليا والعيش فيه:

  • 300 يوم من أشعة الشمس
  • مناخ البحر المتوسط
  • صيف دافئ
  • Mild winters
  • منتجعات رائجة
  • جمال طبيعي
  • شواطئ رملية نظيفة
  • خصائص مذهلة
  • نشاطات صيفية
  • أنماط حياة فريدة

إذا كان هدفك من شراء عقار في أنطاليا هو مجرد الدخول في استثمار مربح ، فقد وصلت إلى المكان الصحيح. فيما يلي بعض المزايا التي يتمتع بها مستثمرو العقارات في تركيا:

  • مكاسب رأسمالية كبيرة
  • دخول إيجارات عالية
  • إمكانية عالية لإيجاد مستأجرين
  • أسعار منخفضة نسبيًا للشقق
  • أقساط ميسرة للشقق
  • الارتفاع المستمر في أسعار العقارات في تركيا

The Best Areas To Buy Apartment In Antalya Turkey

عند اختيار شقتك المثالية في أنطاليا ، فإن اختيار أفضل منطقة له أهمية قصوى. هذا لأن هذه المدينة الرائعة توفر عددًا كبيرًا من المناطق. الأهم من ذلك ، كل منطقة لها ميزاتها ووسائل الراحة والإطلالات الخاصة بها. هذا هو السبب في أن معرفة أفضل المناطق في أنطاليا أمر حيوي. فيما يلي 3 من أكثر المناطق السكنية رواجًا في أنطاليا:

Buying an apartment in Antalya Lara Beach gives you the pleasure of luxury waterfront living. Also, stunning views, a resort-like lifestyle, and easy access to other parts of the city are other features of Lara Beach!

يعد شاطئ كونيالتي أيضًا منطقة سكنية شهيرة في أنطاليا لشراء منزل. الحياة الفاخرة على شاطئ البحر وأنماط الحياة الفريدة والإطلالات الرائعة والمرافق الممتازة هي ما تقدمه المنطقة!

تعتبر مهموتلار أيضًا واحدة من أفضل المناطق لشراء شقة في أنطاليا في تركيا. إنها منطقة جميلة بشكل طبيعي بجوار الساحل ومليئة بشكل مذهل بالمناظر الخلابة عقارات للبيع في انطاليا.

Antalya Apartments Pricing

Property prices in Antalya vary depending on the location, amenities, views, and a lot more factors. To be more precise, a one-two bedroom unit in a complex in Konyaalti Beach will cost you around Euro 60,000. Konyaalty is one of the distinctive area of Antalya which has modern apartment construction. In addition, this region, Konyaalty, is an appropriate place for rental investment with a 6 % annual yield.

It is possible to pick up a two-bedroom apartment for 50000 Euros at the center of Antalya. If you can pay 110000 Euros, you can get a three-bedroom apartment with access to the shared swimming pool and private garden.

A two-bedroom apartment starts at least 70000 Euros in Belek. You need to pay double for buying a three-bedroom apartment in Belek.

You can expect higher prices for sea-view apartments and luxury units. However, these prices are still lower in comparison to properties in other cities in the world!

Buying apartments in Antalya, a good investment!

Because of rental investment chances for the owners, Antalya is an intensive desirable investment destination. There is a possibility to yield a rental agreement of around 8 % annually. Sea-view apartments and luxury types need rental agreement enhancement.

During the past ten years, the value of apartments in Antalya experienced a 100% rise which means the whole district is worth investing in real estate properties such as apartments for sale in Antalya.

Why Should You Buy Your Apartment In Antalya From Alkhail?Pricing

Thank you for accompanying us until the end of this article. This article has given you a great idea about Antalya city in Turkey. Because there are talked about apartments for sale in Antalya, reasons for Antalya’s popularity in the world, the advantages of buying apartments in Antalya, the price of property in it, and the popular areas for buying property.

Buying real estate in Turkey, and especially apartments for sale in Antalya can sometimes be a daunting task. However, an experienced real estate company can help you do it as easily as possible. Your real estate agent/company also helps you book your house in Turkey in the shortest time. شركة الخيل العقارية is one of the best options for you which offers:

  • 100% استشارة مجانية
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  • حجز سريع


The hub of the Mediterranean area in Turkey is Antalya. Many nationalities such as Iranian, Russian, Arabs, and the majority of North European people have a dream of living in it.

Because of rental investment chances for owners with the possibility to yield up rental agreements around 8% annually, Antalya is an intensive desirable investment destination.  This rental agreement enhancement could be expected to expand sea view apartments or luxurious types.

One of the distinctive areas of Antalya, which name is Konyaalty, a two-bedroom apartment is around 60000 Euros. These are modern apartment construction catering to the young generation.

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