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Turkey is one of the most promising property markets in Europe. This subject is caused by its strategic location in the first step and it connects Europe, the Middle East and Middle Asia. Turkey provides good opportunities for property developers and investors. Apartments are at the front of the most demanding properties in Turkey, especially by foreigners. And their goal is to invest or use property for Turkish citizenship, Under recent reforms, foreign nationals may take it by buying property for $250,000. In the following, we will discuss investment and buying apartments for sale in turkey.
Why Do People Invest In Apartments For Sale In Turkey?​
Why Do People Invest In Apartments For Sale In Turkey?​

Why do people invest in Apartments for sale in turkey?

Buying a property in Turkey is a good option for risk-free investment and receiving Turkish citizenship and residence in the name of the buyer. The reasons for attracting investors in the Turkish property market:
● reasonable price
● conditions of purchase (pre-sale and installment sale)
● Sale of newly constructed
● ready-to-move apartments and buildings residential
● commercial complexes with security
● welfare facilities such as: security, heating, parking, internet, swimming pool, sauna, gym, restaurant, hairdresser
● The growing economy
● proximity to Europe
● G20 membership
● easy immigration laws
● investment security
● inflation rate
● reasonable profits
● guarantee of obtaining a Turkish passport
Taking document, guarantee of permanent residence and Turkish passport is a specialty for alkhailtr real estate.

Why should you invest in buying an apartment in turkey?

First-time buyers eager to know the best places to buy property in Turkey and may encounter vast areas ranging from big cities to small villages, and want to know more about why we should buy a home in Turkey in order not to get confused. Turkey is an incredibly large country, with 81 provinces and eight geographic regions. For years, the south and west coasts of Turkey have been a favorite destination for tourists. Turkey is a country that attracts tourists and is a perfect environment for investors. Anyone traveling to Turkey will be interested in the country for the following reasons:
Turkey is a Convenient location to live due to its comfortable geographical location, excellent climate and amenities.
Every landlord in Europe knows that property is expensive. Apart from the cost of the house, you should also think about the costs of lawyering, stamping, and apartment renovations. In Turkey, your money can be preserved. Not only is real estate cheap in Turkey compared to European countries, but you can also live in a luxury villa. Most houses are new and have stylish decorations. With the money you can buy a one-bedroom apartment in England, you can buy a two or three-bedroom villa in famous Turkish cities.
Think of it as living somewhere where your car won’t be stuck in the snow lately. Well, as you know, vitamin D is very good for our health, and it comes from the sun. Don’t worry about it because you wake up with sunlight every 300 days of the year. Of course, the climate of no country is always great. So, there’s some heavy rainfall in Turkey, but you can always find pleasant weather in different parts of the country. Turkey’s climate is one of the most important reasons for the increase in immigration to Turkey.
No matter where you are in Turkey, everything is cheaper in this country anyway. Gas, electricity, taxes, food and drink, vegetables, transportation and fuel are less than where you live. So not only there are cheap apartments for sale in Turkey, but you can benefit from other benefits of this country at a low price.
Turkey’s transportation system is inexpensive and convenient. You can access the plane all year round and you can get there in half an hour because of its good location. The train regularly travels between cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Air travel in Turkey is regular and inexpensive too.

One of the most important reasons to buy a property in Turkey is to get a residence permit in turkey. Once you have bought a property in Turkey, you can apply for Turkish residency. As a property owner in Turkey, you have more time in this area. If you want that property to be your summer resort, you can stay in the country on a limited tourist visa. As the owner of the property, your commute to the country will be free. If you migrate to Turkey forever, a residence permit is the only way.
• Attractive views
• History of this country
• Variety in lifestyle
• Health care
• Successful economy
• People’s hospitality

Why Should You Invest In Buying An Apartment In Turkey?​
Best Cities To Buy Flats For Sale In Turkey​

Best cities to buy flats for sale in turkey

Have you ever wondered which T cities investors buy more houses in?

First of all, you should know that it is forbidden to buy a house in the military and rural areas of Turkey, and no foreigner can buy a property for himself in these areas. For this reason, most investors are looking for luxury properties.

Among the cities that foreign investors choose to buy property are cities: Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara, Analya, Fethiye, Bursa, Y and Antalya.

According to the statistics obtained by Iran, Iraq, Kuwait has the most investors in Turkey, which is increasing every year.

Antalya a good choice for property investors

As the second most popular tourist destination in Turkey after Istanbul, the city can provide you with a reliable income through holidays. There are also many management companies that can make your life easier and provide a good job position.
Antalya (along with nearby Alanya) attracts many applicants of many nationalities, including Russians, Britons and Germans, so it is not dependent on the source of buyers or tourists. Temperate winters make Antalya a great place to live all year round in four seasons and also has a great transportation network. If you want to see a list of apartments for sale in Antalya, just follow the link.
This region can be a good option to buy a house in Turkey. As the hub of the region, everything is within your reach. It includes close and convenient access to the airport, which is the second busiest airport in Turkey and has an extensive flight schedule to all parts of the world all year round.

Antalya A Good Choice For Property Investors​
Istanbul Is The Heart Of Turkey's Property Market​

Istanbul is the heart of turkey's property market

Finally, in response to the question of why we should buy a house in Turkey, it can be said that Istanbul is the focus and heart of the Turkish real estate industry and attracts foreign real estate investors of any nationality. Many welcome extensive construction in the countryside and downtown. Focusing on modern life and the latest architectural trends, Istanbul Culture focuses on amenities as well as amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, parks and shops.
Current infrastructure projects and renovation of transportation hubs as well as Istanbul’s third airport attract professional workers and are a good opportunity for investors. The price of buying in Istanbul changes dramatically depending on the location, infrastructure and reputation in the neighborhood. For getting more information on prices and list of available apartments for sale in Istanbul Asia, click the link.

Yalova city in turkey

One of these cities where foreigners choose to stay in Turkey is the tourist city of Yalova. With its beautiful nature as well as the healing hot springs in its countryside, Yalova attracts the attention of many migrants and tourists arriving in Turkey. The province is easier to access because it is located near Istanbul, and foreign and domestic tourists are increasing day by day in the city. The conditions of this province are also very suitable for investment and foreign investors who have invested in Turkey are studying the city of Yalova. I recommend you to see the prices of apartments for sale in Yalova and book your desired property now!

Yalova City In Turkey​
How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Property In Turkey?​

How much does it cost to buy a property in Turkey?

In order to determine the costs of buying a property in Turkey, we must say that the price varies according to the neighborhood and the type of property you buy. But in general, a modest property with a bedroom in Istanbul city is approximately 250,000 TL, the likes of which may reach $300,000 depending on the type of amenities and the type of neighborhood.
In the following we’ll discuss more about real estate pricing in different neighborhoods of each city in Turkey. Stay here and keep reading.

Property Prices in Turkey Istanbul

On average, the price per square meter of apartments in Istanbul is 2126 TL. But in different areas of the city, the price per square meter varies, for example in the most expensive area of Istanbul Besiktas per square meter apartment is 8137 TL, in the Besiktas area the most expensive neighborhood of Bebek is 16596 TL per square meter apartment.
You can visit our apartments for sale in Istanbul Europe page to find out the price difference of properties in different neighborhoods and decide more wisely.

Property Prices In Turkey Istanbul​
Average Property Prices In Turkey Izmir​

Average property prices in Turkey Izmir

On average, the price per square meter of apartments for sale in Izmir Turkey is 1479 TL and the most expensive area of the city is Cheshmeh area, where the price per square meter of apartments is 3273 TL.
It should be said that you need at least 150,000 TL to buy a small and ordinary house in a medium-sized area in Turkey by considering the below:
● different aspects of a property such as the area, location of the property
● the age of the building
● according to the prices you have seen

Why alkhailtr real estate?

As you see, we talked about investment opportunities in Turkish apartments due to the unique features that both Turkey and its properties have. Alkhailtr real estate is one of the best real estates in the world for buying and selling property.
Our online real estate website with experts in the field of buying and selling property in Turkey, give you the best advice and have the best review on buying apartments for sale in Turkey and then you can make the best decision. If you’re not sure about making an investment in Turkey yet, just touch the Whatsapp icon and ask for free consultation now!

Why Should You Invest In Buying Villa In Turkey?​

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